Taught Pathway: All Aboard Stations

Station One

Podcasting in Education

This course helped me understand the basic language related to podcasting, identify applications of podcasting for doing projects and presentation, introduced me to very important podcasters such as BBC and NPR, and showed me how to start planning, recording, and publishing my own podcasts.

The course provides some useful tips for planning podcasting such as starting simple, prepare the material, and find a quiet place if we can’t afford a studio. The course gives some useful podcasting tools such as Audacity. In fact, it provides a tutorial on using it. Useful tips during recording include sitting still, eliminating background noise, and creating interesting content. The course gives some simple explanation of the language involved in uploading and sharing our podcasts. I have an idea now about RSS and XML.

Station Two

Managing your online identity & reputation

I believe this simple course is a must for almost everybody. It has given me a lot of valuable information and useful tips related to Internet security. I was shocked when I realized that our actions on the Internet are all tracked. The sites that we visit, every click of the mouse, every like or dislike, every message can be traced and analyzed to form a profile about our habits and personality. This huge data can be sold to interested parties. We are simply too exposed on the Internet and it seems there is very little we can do about it. The tracing is not limited to the data that speeds up our Internet experience on a certain website or helps a website to present suggestions in line with my preferences. After watching the video tutorial entitled “Four Reasons to Care about your Digital Footprint,” I was frightened. I knew that there is no way around. We are all under control. There is no privacy at all. The Internet has become like “Big Brother.” There is a lot at stake here. It is not only tracking our data that we have no problems being exposed. It is about protecting our reputation, preserving our freedom, and preventing financial loss.


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